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Praise for PracticeMind

"PracticeMind is a staggering achievement, one of the most well thought-out and comprehensive books on music pedagogy I have ever seen. Though specific to string music instruction, the practical and philosophical lessons in this book read like a blueprint for success in virtually any field. Highly recommended!"

- James Ehnes
Grammy award winning Concert Violinist
Artistic Director Seattle Chamber Music Society

Praise for CelloMind

"CelloMind! It is beautifully written, impeccable explained with details, and so well organized! It is a truly great work and will be really helpful to every person who wants to play the cello. And I am convinced that it will be one of 'The Real Musts' for anyone learning or teaching this wonderful instrument!"

- Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi
International Soloist & Renowned Pedagogue

Praise for ViolinMind

“Huge congratulations to Hans Jensen and Grigory Kalinovsky for this most comprehensive resource book to learning about intonation! 
It’s a step by step, exercise by exercise, scientifically proven guide to the secrets of what it means to play “in tune. 
What an invaluable guide this book is to performers and teachers!"

- Ani Kavafian
Concert Violinist & Renowned Pedagogue

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Ovation Press offers an extensive selection of expertly edited orchestral excerpts and parts, exclusive arrangements for cello ensemble, technical studies and transcriptions for violin, viola, cello and bass, all available to print instantly.